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Planning Essays

Many students are immediately intimidated by the thought of having to write an essay no matter what the topic. The way essays are graded mean that you can score marks for structure, planning and content. It also means that you can easily lose marks if any of these requirements are not properly met. A trained eye can easily tell when an essay was not planned properly and that is why it is important to spend some time on this stage of essay writing.

Planning your Essays starts with a rough draft of what it is you want to say and how you want to say it. Think about the topic and brainstorm any initial ideas that come to mind. If research is required, be sure to use trusted sources to ensure that your work is credible. When using information from books or the internet, it is also very important not to plagiarize the material you come across as this is a serious offence. Instead, put the information in your own words and build a solid structure.

Where essays are concerned, the structure should flow easily from the introduction through the body and finally the conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph where you spend time introducing your topic and what it is you will be writing about it. This is a good place to outline what readers can expect to find more of in the body of your essay.

The details around the outline you give in your introduction will be found in the body of your essay. This is where you can elucidate on the facts surrounding your topic a little more so as to bring more understanding. The body is also where you can make any points and further explanations if need be.

When you get to the conclusion of your essay, it is important to tie up all loose ends. Basically, your conclusion should be like your introduction except that it is the end of your story. So any questions asked should be answered and readers must be made to feel like they have reached a satisfying climax to what they were reading. This section should also be one paragraph in length as with your introduction.