Independent Review of Higher Education

Pursuing Tertiary Education that Really Does Count

As school children are now being forced to remain in secondary education until the age of 18 now, obviously, this will inevitably encourage more and more students to pursue a tertiary education. The subject areas that are already oversubscribed will only be swamped even further and this will make the competition for employment after graduation even tougher.

If you are seriously considering tertiary education after school, you need to box clever here? Think more about mathematics, biological educational resources and other scientific subjects, as these should transpire to be a far better future career choice for you.

The fact of the matter here is that fewer students are pursuing science and maths at university. They prefer subjects such as psychology, English literature, business studies and law: all of which are excellent disciplines to learn for any undergraduate, but are highly unlikely to lead to the career of your dreams, unless you end up with a first class honours degree at the end of your studies.

In such oversubscribed subjects, even the students with a 2:2 or 2:1 classification are struggling to compete with those with a first class. You really do need to know how dog-eat-dog it would be out there, if you choose to go ahead with such a popular subject.

Maths and science do not always have the number of students studying for them that the economy requires in this country. Deciding to pursue such a subject will hold you in far better stead, than going with the crowd and studying the oversubscribed subjects.